The Unprinted Protagonist tells the story of a twenty-something woman who grew up with her nose stuck in a book and her head in the clouds. When she was young (well, younger), she lived in imaginary worlds and vicariously through fictional girls who somehow always got their happily every after before the book shut.

Navigating real life–college, falling in love, becoming independent, starting a career… That shit is rough. Especially when your own mental health stands in your way.

This blog is for everyone who would rather be stuck in a book. The Unprinted Protagonist celebrates the fictional worlds we love and the magic we can find in everyday life.

On this blog, you’ll find:

  • Conversations about all things nerdy: books, television/film, manga/anime, cosplay, and more—often through the lens of expanding diversity and inclusion
  • Recipes, many of which are inspired by fiction—because even the busiest person shouldn’t forget to eat and enjoy good food
  • Personal reflections and lifestyle posts (i.e., plants, cats, fun retro things, ballroom dancing, and more food)

Meet Dana

Hello, I’m Dana. I’m a young Vietnamese-American woman who is… figuring things out. I was born in NorCal, graduated from high school in Florida, and packed my bags for Los Angeles when I got admitted to the University of Southern California (Fight on!). I like to think of myself as a magical girl–and not just because it matches my aesthetic! I enjoy studying herbalism, tarot, indigenous Vietnamese spiritualism/mythology, and kitchen witchery.

Inspired by my Vietnamese heritage and a few spectacular professors, I dedicated my education and career to researching and advocating for diversity and inclusion in media. When I’m not working, I train for amateur ballroom dance competitions, spend hours on Pinterest, baby my plants, and work on recipes like owning a test kitchen is my side hustle. I also cuddle with my familiar, a dilute tortie named Alice, whenever possible.

Aside from that, I frequently get distracted by nerdy things. My childhood obsession with books remains. I sing Disney songs in the shower (and out of the shower). I spend too much time fangirling over comic book heroes (especially if they look like Chris Evans, Stephan Amell, or Grant Gustin).

But, that’s fine! That’s why I started blogging!

Send Some Love!

I put my heart into everything posted on The Unprinted Protagonist. My content, especially recipes and reviews, take a lot of time, energy, and–unfortunately–money. If you would like to help support The Unprinted Protagonist, I would truly appreciate it. Even as little at $3 (less than the cost of a coffee), will help! All Ko-Fi donations go directly into buying new supplies for posts, web hosting fees, URL payments, etc.