The blogger

I’m Dana: a little introverted, a lot nerdy and hella passionate about my various hobbies.

I am utterly, unequivocally, irrevocably in love with stories — of both the fictional and the real variety. My love of stories began with the Vietnamese folk tales my grandmother used to tell and, today, lives in the form of both novels and news.

Over the years, my love of stories and storytelling has evolved into a desire to pursue a career in communication, which I am studying in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, CA.

When I’m not in the classroom, studying mass media in all of its forms, I’m usually reading in bed, taking/editing photos, planning future cosplays, crafting, compiling an endless list of recipes, doing yoga or ballroom dancing (don’t let that impress you — I just started doing it). Let’s just say I’m not very good at keeping my hands still.


The blog

Since you’ve found your way to my blog, it’s probably safe to assume that we share a few interests — possibly books, maybe cosplay, perhaps photography?

“The Unprinted Protagonist” is a place for the nerds and the dreamers. What began as just a book review blog has now become a platform that — I hope — inspires you to channel your passions into something creative.

On this blog, you will find posts about media in all of its wonderful forms (books, anime, manga, film/TV, etc.) as well as the trips and projects they inspire. In addition, this blog is a diary of sorts, providing insight into my life as a young woman striving to shape her own life through education and a little adventure.

“In the West … people believe they must ‘pursue happiness’ as if it were some kind of a flighty bird that is always out of reach. In the East, we believe we are born with happiness and one of life’s important tasks … is to protect it.”

–Le Ly Hayslip, “When Heaven and Earth Changed Places”