Nine things I want to do before summer ends


“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

—F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby”

Before I begin this post, I really want to mention my extended hiatus. When I briefly started blogging again in January, I was so sure I was here to stay. Thank you to all of the friends, especially Claire @ Bitches With Books, for offering kind words and advice when I felt like the ground was crumbling beneath my feet. To other followers, if you’re wondering why I was gone, send me a DM, e-mail, etc. and I can share a little bit. I don’t want to write a post about it because I’d like to try to keep this blog a positive space.

On a less serious note, it is finally summer vacation. More specifically, it is my last summer vacation before I cross the country to attend my dream university, and I can not wait! Until then, I want to have an amazing summer.

Without further ado, my summer 2016 bucket list:

anna kendrick typing up in the air1. BLOG. BLOG. BLOG.

This first one is pretty self-explanatory. I definitely miss blogging, but I was in a rut for a long time, and it’s been hard digging myself out. I’m hoping summer will bring more time and renewed energy toward blogging. I’ve been wanting to move towards lifestyle blogging, and I think summer is the perfect chance to change up my blog content.

2. Work on resume and portfolio

Because you never know when a great opportunity for an internship, scholarship or job will come your way, it’s important to always be prepared to grab the opportunity. I have a feeling I’ll be very busy with classes once the autumn semester begins, so I’d like to design a new resume and update my portfolio website during the summer.

3. Exercise

I feel like exercise is something that everybody wants to do during the summer, but we all end up lounging inside or out in the sun instead. Unfortunately, I injured my knee playing tennis in April, so I haven’t gotten much exercise. Now that the injury is healed, it’s important that I work on strengthening my knee again. I’ve done a few yoga and pilates sessions with a friend and really enjoy it.

4. Spend tons of time with close friends from high school

blake lively america ferrera alexis bledel amber tamblyn the sisterhood of the traveling pantsAs an introvert — raise your hand if you’re one, too! — I never really did anything with my friends outside of school. Sure, every once in a while I’d go to see a movie or head to the mall with a friend, but for the most part I stayed home and read books. In a few months, I’ll be over 2,500 miles away from the people I know from high school, and I’m starting to realize I’ll miss some of them. Somehow, I don’t think we’ll find a magical pair of pants that makes us all look sexy, so we’ll just have to make memories together the old-fashioned way.

5. Go on a trip without parents

This one kind of fits with no. 4. As an only child, I’ve always had tons of attention from my parents. It would be nice to get a taste of independence and fun before I plunge head first into lone-living over 2,500 miles away from home. By the time this post goes up, I’ll be heading home from a trip to my friend’s grandmother’s beach condo.

6. Attend an anime convention — in cosplay!

anime studio ghibli hayao miyazaki hair flip sanI’ve dabbled in anime and manga over the years and developed a healthy obsession with Studio Ghibli, but the only conventions I’ve ever attended have been journalism conventions. Two of my friends will be selling artwork at a convention in July, so they convinced me to come with them. Ever the overachiever, I’ve decided to go in not one but two different cosplays: Sailor Mars and Princess Mononoke.

7. Revisit old hobbies

I gave up a lot of old hobbies in favor of studying, tennis and newspaper in high school because I just didn’t have enough time. One of the hobbies I miss the most is art. I used to make jewelry, draw, paint, anything that kept my hands busy. I recently bought a graphics tablet, and I’m really excited to try it out!

8. Update wardrobe

shopping movie confessions of a shopaholicI’m only half ashamed to admit my school wardrobe for the past year has consisted almost entirely of sweatpants, running shorts and T-shirts. Some days, I even wore my tennis uniform to school so I wouldn’t have to deal with changing for matches. A new school is a great excuse to throw out old clothes and start dressing to impress. I’ve already added quiet a few cute dresses to my closet!

9. Get driver’s license

Part of me still can’t believe I put off getting a driver’s license for so long. I think I’d like to avoid driving in traffic-filled areas as much as possible, but I guess I must bite the bullet and start driving instead of relying on friends and family. I won’t have a car in the autumn, but I’ve decided that I don’t want to be caught off guard if I end up needed to drive for a job or if I decide to live off-campus at any point.

So, what are your summer plans?


  • Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders

    I am very much an introvert. I found the correct term for it, where you seem like an outgoing person to others but you’re really not. I can’t remember it, though. It is definitely important to have your license, even if you don’t have a car. I didn’t get mine until I was 22 when I went on in my degree sequence where I had to go to schools in the county, waaaaayyyyy out of town. It was really hard at times not having it.

    • Dana

      Hmmm… I can’t seem to come up with the word, but I know an ambivert is someone who exhibits characteristics of both an introvert and an extrovert. I honestly don’t have an excuse for not driving. I guess I can blame chronic procrastination.

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